the erbaviva story

With a passion for pure ingredients, Robin Brown and Anna Cirronis created Erbaviva, a beautiful line of authentically organic skincare products.

Erbaviva had simple beginnings in the artistic Los Angeles community of Topanga Canyon in 1996.

The founders were deeply moved to create the brand when they realized there were no healthy, organic products on the market that were safe enough for baby’s highly delicate, yet highly absorbent skin.

The core purpose was to create pure, organic personal care, free from harsh detergents, chemical fragrances and unhealthy additives, first for baby, then pregnancy, and finally for all “enlightened” beauty seekers.

Erbaviva was born organic and built on principles of working in harmony with nature and giving back to the global community.

Erbaviva is now a trusted global brand that manufactures at the company’s own renewable energy powered facility in Southern California. Environmental responsibility and sustainability is integrated in all of their daily practices.



Zoe Organic

In 2009, Suzanne Hamilton – my dear sister-in-law, mentor, fellow entrepreneur, and friend – passed away, leaving behind a beautiful legacy and her precious three-month-old daughter, Zoe Anne. I had been working on an organic skincare product line for months, and had been having discussions with Suzanne about the need we saw as mamas for a truly natural, organic line that combined luxury and wellness with social responsibility. Most product lines we had come across failed in at least one of these areas.

Truth be told, I had picked out another name for this product line, but was never content with it. One day after Suzanne’s death, during some quiet time, the name “Zoe Organics” dropped into my heart, and I just knew it was right. As I continued to reflect on that name, I was amazed at how it captured the entire essence of the company I wanted to build. Zoe means “life,” and even more specifically, “life as God intended.” Suzanne knew how to celebrate and live life better than anyone I had ever known. It was contagious. How fitting that her own daughter was given the name “Zoe,” a part of Suzanne that will keep on living.

Suzanne spent the last months of her own life fully dedicated to her sweet baby girl. In that same spirit, Zoe Organics seeks to celebrate and cultivate life, and in doing so, honor mamas and babies everywhere.


About Little Bairn

Little Bairn is an award-winning range of luxury, certified organic skincare products for mum and baby. At Little Bairn we understand that baby skin deserves special care. That is why our products have been created using only the highest quality organic ingredients to ensure they are gentler, safer and cleaner. Forget about harsh , toxic ingredients that could irritate the skin – our certified organic products use ingredients derived from nature and grown without the use of chemical pesticides and GMOs. Our strict 'no nasties' policy means our products are suitable for the most delicate skin. What we also understand, though, is that organic doesn’t need to be dull. Our product range has been created with an emphasis on style and luxury. These are products that are beautiful to hold, beautiful to use and, of course, beautiful to the skin. Eco-luxe for your baby.

We are proudly cruelty free, and Australian owned and made.



Nom Nom

Nom Nom uses therapeutic oils carefully selected for their unique qualities to make the most effective products. We use high levels of pure organically grown plant oils, butters and extracts to actively nourish your skin as they are absorbed within.